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Covid-19 Operational Policy

Posted on 15/07/2020

On this page you can find information regarding how we will operate the park during the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes our operational procedures and an extract from our Risk Assessments

Revolution Bike Park Covid-19

Operational Procedures.


This document sets out the current acceptable activities and required procedure to ensure the safety of staff and visitors to the park during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Version – 28/07/2020

This document is correct as of the date above.  Due to the changing circumstances of the pandemic it is important to confirm that this is the latest version of the document and that policies and procedures included in this plan are still in effect.

If you wish to get in touch regarding this policy please use the contact page on the website.


Activities – Current Situation/Policy

Normal Uplift Service - Recreational Riding, Public Uplift Services, Food Services

Public uplift service in operation with restrictions. Masks are compulsory in the uplift vehicle. No limits (other than our normal limits) on numbers across site. 


Public Coaching Days - Small group public uplifts

Coaching days with Uplift Service provided. Operated under policies indicated below.


Professional Rider Coaching/Testing Days - Individual/restricted group riding.

As a professional/work activity this can currently take place however is subject to the policies/restrictions contained within this document.

Professional Filming/Photo Shoots - Individual/restricted group riding.  Filming and Photography on site.

As a professional/work activity this can currently take place however is subject to the policies/restrictions contained within this document.

If you or anyone you have been in contact with shows Covid symptoms.

You should not attend the site for work or riding if you or anyone you have been in contact with develop symptoms associated with Covid-19.


Social Distancing

Wales is currently on Alert Level 0 which means there are no social distancing requirements. 


Booking and Sign In

All visitors to the site must be booked in advance via this website.  The online acceptance of risk must also be completed online prior to arrival at the park.  There will be no ability to complete the sign in at the park on the day.  These measures are in place to ensure that a record of all visitors to the site is maintained for tracking and tracing purposes.


When using the uplift service the following guidance should be adhered to;

  • All windows should be open on the vehicle to increase airflow.
  • Users of the uplift service should limit their time in the vehicle as much as possible, e.g waiting outside the vehicle until it is ready to leave.
  • Due to the enclosed nature of the vehicles it will not be possible to maintain social distancing at all times, therefore riders should adhere to the following guidance;
    • Wear a face mask at all times when in the vehicle.
    • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle and after exiting.
    • Maintain good respiratory hygiene e.g. cough into elbow.
  • Vehicles handles and other objects that multiple people will come into contact with should be disinfected regularly.
  • Riders must load their own bikes onto the trailer.  The driver will observe the loading and advise but will not be able to assist in loading.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All staff must wear a mask when in close proximity with other staff or visitors or in the uplift vehicles. Where social distancing cannot be maintained visitors to the site must wear PPE, for example at all times when in vehicles.

Visitors should provide their own PPE, Revolution Bike Park may be able to provide PPE if necessary, however there may be a charge for this.

There are additional requirements for PPE use, when undertaking specific activities, such as cleaning and first aid.  These requirements are covered in the respective sections of this document.

Safety whilst Riding

As an inherently solo activity the risk of exposure whilst riding is limited.  Also, the large area of the forest and trails makes social distancing easier to maintain.  The following are activities that could increase the risk of spreading the Covid virus.  If seen happening staff should advice customers against these activities;

  • Close congratulating each other, high fives, hugs, shaking hands etc.
  • Sharing bikes, equipment etc.
  • Assisting injured riders, unless they are a member of their household or seriously injured and requiring immediate intervention.  Where possible injuries should be self-treated under the guidance of the park first aider or handled by the park first aider.
  • Standing in close proximity whilst watching people ride etc.

Handwashing and Disinfectant

Hand cleaning facilities are available in the staff room and toilets at the bottom of the hill, only one person should use these facilities at a time.  When away from the facilities at the bottom everyone should have access to hand sanitiser, ideally their own personal supply.  This should be used regularly and particularly after touching any object that may have come into contact with another person.

Disinfecting stations have been set up at the park.  These are located in the following places;

Jet Wash Area, this will include disinfecting spray and hand sanitizer.  This can be used to disinfect the jet wash lances between use and for cleaning hands before and after use.

Toilets The toilets have their own hand wash facilities.  An additional disinfecting station will be set up outside them to disinfect common touch items like handles.

Uplift Pick Up Point this will include disinfecting spray and hand sanitizer.  This can be used to disinfect door handles between use and for cleaning hands before and after use.

Staff Hand Wash Extra disinfectant will be available in the staff had washing areas.  Staff are required to disinfect this area after use.

Disinfectant should be mixed by staff only.  Ensure that the instructions are followed, and the concentrates are diluted to the correct level.  Failure to do so could be dangerous or could prevent the disinfectant working correctly.


Cleaning Common Areas

Common areas such as toilets and seating areas will need to be cleaned regularly. 

During the day the toilets will be disinfected hourly using a disinfectant spray/mister.  A log of this activity will be kept.  Hand towels and other rubbish will be sealed in a bin bag and taken to the main refuse bins.

Seating areas will be cleared of rubbish and surfaces such as table tops will be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down.

Staff undertaking this activity will be required to wear PPE in the form of gloves, face mask and disposable apron.  Staff should ensure they wash their hands after disposing of their PPE in the appropriate bin.

Litter picking should only be undertaken using a grabber and when wearing the same PPE as used during cleaning, caution should be taken when picking up discarded PPE, i.e. masks or tissues etc.  Customers seen deliberately dropping litter may be asked to leave the site.


First Aid and Accidents

All riders must ride conservatively and not take unnecessary risks.  Consideration must be given to the potential difficulty of getting medical attention when planning out any activity.

Revolution Bike Park will have a trained first aider on site who will be equipped with PPE to ensure they can treat people safely.  This person will be identified at the beginning of the session.  Where possible, only this person should treat anyone with an injury.  In the event of an accident or injury on site the First Aider has full authority and anyone else on site should follow their guidance.

At this time, it may not be possible to have an ambulance attend the site and it may be necessary for the casualty to be transported to hospital via private transport.  By riding at the park you acknowledge that this is a possibility and accept the risks associated with this.

All standard policies contained with the parks Acceptance of Risk (AOR) and Terms and Conditions remain in effect.

These are viewable on this website in the Terms and Conditions section


Protecting the Local Area

In order to protect the local area and its residents visitors should ensure that they provide for all their own need and not rely on local services, this includes;

  • Bringing all required food and drink with them.
  • Ensure all activities remain within the boundaries of the park.
  • Aim to visit the park and return home on the same day.
  • If staying over night ensure you have accommodation booked and are aware of any safety requirements in place at the accommodation.


On Site Working

Under the current situation every effort should be taken to reduce the need to travel to or attend the site.  When it is necessary to attend the site consideration should be given to who needs to attend and only those necessary should attend.  On site work should be restricted to track maintenance, inspection work and other critical activities required to ensure the safety of visitors to the park.


This policy is subject to change without notice, if you any questions regarding this policy or its implementation you should contact us via the contact page on this website or speak to a senior member of staff on site.


The information contained within these documents is subject to change without notice.  Please contact us via our contact page for the latest versions prior to acting on any information contained within.

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