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Aline Coaching

ALine Coaching is dedicated to providing a structured approach to developing technique and skill.

Our Mission: To get you where you want to go!


What ever you want, our mission is help you get there. We will help you understand where your riding is now, where you want it to be and most importantly "help you bridge that gap".

We won't just give you a days coaching we will put you in the first step of development which you can use to continue to practice and develop from for months to come.

ALine is a Sheffield based coaching outfit however we have been working with Revolution Bike Park for a couple of years now and have put together some fantastic courses to help you achieve what you want to achieve! 

ALine runs two courses at Revolution Bike Park, 'Revo Tech' and 'Jump Revolution'

Revo Tech

The goal on this course is to develop a strong conceptual model and strategy for when things get hairy. There are two key aspects to this

1. The macro picture, looking at the track as a whole
2. The micro picture, breaking down awkward sections which sap your speed

We don't give or teach line choice, we teach focus, how to break down sections and how to link them together. Our great big brains cannot process much more than a few stimuli without being overloaded, so lets cut out all the noise of overthinking and unwanted emotion.

This is a great course for anyone wishing to gain confidence, knowledge and to expand their comfort zones on technical terrain in one of the best bike parks in the UK; Revs!

Jump Revolution

Revolutionise your Jumping, carry more speed, jump higher and further.

On this course we will help you


Working with body mechanics, technique and some simple psychology, you will develop a clear conceptual understanding of what needs to be done and more importantly how to do it. Using specificly targeted purposeful practice on purpose built features, riders will tune into the "feeling" and once we have felt it, we can begin to repeat it. 

Upcoming Courses

- Friday 5th June and Friday 4th September - Jump Revolution
- Friday 17th July and Friday 2nd October - Revo Tech

About Our Coaches

ALine UK is run by Dr Gareth Jones. Gareth has worked as a mountain bike coach for ALine mountain bike coaching for a few years and is both BC (British Cycling) and IDP (Instructor Development Programme) trained. Gareth's background also includes an education in Sport and Exercise Psychology, where he has worked with various athletes (amateur to elite) as a Mental Performance Coach, helping athletes extract those marginal gains when it counts the most. Gareth's philosophy as a coach is to intertwine both his skills based knowledge on the bike with his experience on the mental skills training, giving a unique concoction that will help you get to where you want to be. 

Private Group Booking

Want a private group booking? Please email ALine for further info with details of what you are after and predicted numbers.

Minimum group size 2 people, max 6 people. 

Head over to the ALine Coaching website for more information and to book.