Advanced trails

Red trails require a high level of bike handling skills as they entail difficult riding on all manner of surfaces. Advanced Trails can feature fast and flowing manmade sections or be technical and more natural in their nature. Most trails feature a mixture of any of these styles and are made up from a mixture of long steep descents, loose variable trail surfaces, and numerous natural and manmade obstacles.

Red grade bikepark trails are suitable for: Proficient mountain bikers with advanced off-road bike handling skills.

Bike required: Good quality well maintained off-road mountain bikes. Mid to long travel mountain bikes recommended.

Trail and surface types: Steep and tough terrain, with constant technicality. Expect very variable surface types and a high frequency of natural and manmade obstacles.

Gradients and technical trail features: Steep descents of a challenging nature will be present, natural trail features such as rock gardens, large or numerous exposed roots and technical terrain will feature as will man made trail features such as large berms, jumps and drops.

Suggested skill level: An advanced level of skill is required; riders must be confidently able to handle cambers, larger drops, jumps and steep gradients, with an ability to control the bike over uneven and often slippery trail surfaces such as roots and rocks.