Expert trails

Highly difficult riding, Black expert trails include challenging technical downhill riding and large bikepark features, some of the elements you will encounter include: large manmade and natural unavoidable jumps, wood ramps, elevated narrow trails, drops, rock faces and all gradients and ground conditions. Expert mountain bikers should be the only riders who use these trails and skills areas.

Black grade bikepark trails are suitable for: Expert mountain bikers, used to highly technically demanding trails.

Bike required: A good quality well maintained off-road mountain bike is needed. Long travel and downhill bikes recommended.

Trail and surface types: Challenging Downhill trails; Black trails contain great technical challenge and often continuous difficulty. Downhill trails can evolve over time becoming more challenging and difficult to ride. Can include any useable trail or surface.

Gradients and technical trail features: Expect large, committing and unavoidable technical trail features. Large jumps and drops and severe terrain on the steepest gradients.

Suggested skill level: Expert only; suitable only for riders with a very high standard of technical riding skills who can confidently handle large drop offs, jumps and severe technical terrain.