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2016 Season re-cap - Louis Joseph-Meade

Posted on 10/10/2016

This season has been my last year of junior and plenty has been learnt and I enjoyed every second!

The very start of the season began with a high, a win by over 19 seconds proved that the hard work was paying off and I went into the first BDS feeling comfortable! Unfortunately I was struck with some bad luck with a mechanical at the next race and a tear in my shoulder muscle whilst training which lead to me missing two BDS rounds. 

After I recovered I received the good news that I had been selected for the National Downhill team and I had the opportunity to race World Cups! The first World Cup I headed up to Fort William, and it felt amazing representing the country at home, the crowd was amazing! I also managed to fund Lenzerheide, Switzerland and Leogang, Austria. Unfortunately I didn’t qualify at any of the World Cups, at Fort William I punctured, Austria I crashed and Switzerland I snapped my mech but I was and am humbled for the opportunity. I also learnt a lot from the World Cups racing and riding with the best in the world and I brought away many positives, I know that with a clean run I could have qualified and looking at the splits in Austria I was sitting in 16th  with more to come before I crashed. 

Back home this season I managed to bag my first BDS podium with a 5th place at Moelfre and came close at others with a 6th at home ground Revolution and an 8th at Llangollen with a broken mech. I finished 6th in National Champs and took the Welsh Championship title at Antur Stiniog. At the Pearce rounds although I missed a few I managed to grab two-second places and a 5th in the overall. I feel like towards the end of the season everything came together and I have learned a lot for the seasons to come.

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I have to thank Revolution Bike Park for their amazing support this year, it wouldn’t be possible without them along with Renthal Cycling, Trailhead, A-line coaching, Dirt pro and DG Mills.

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