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Summer 2024 Push/Ride-Up Season Pass

Summer 2024 Push/Ride-Up Season Pass

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Revo 2024 Summer Season Push/Ride-Up Pass - Guaranteed entry on the first Saturday of opening (13th July) for all Season Pass holders!! 

This pass entitles you to unlimited riding days over the Summer 2024 opening period between 11th July to 22nd Sept*. 

The park will operate Weds-Sun every week.

You will be issued a rubber wristband on your first visit of the season, this will be your pass to ride for the season. The pass is non-transferrable and any breaches of this condition will result in the pass being cancelled and no refund will be available. You will need to bring your rubber wristband with you every time you sign in. If you lose the band there will be a £5 charge for a replacement. 

It would be helpful if you could let us know when you are planning your first visit of the season so we are able to plan accordingly. 

Please note: there are a number of events running through this summer period. (Please see dates below*). Your pass does not entitle you entry to any of these events and the park may not be open to non-competitors of these events. 



*50:01 Summer Sessions Sat 17th August, Mini DH Race 24/25th August, Interservices Race 4/5th September are not included for the season pass.